I have a big backyard and spend a lot of time battling invasive species plants. Every time I remove a thistle from my property, I find myself in awe of their vibrancy, their beauty, and their remarkable hardiness and resilience. Thistles have adapted to survive in even inhospitable terrain, against all odds.

The Thistle and Thorn Collection is my love letter to all of the trauma survivors I know. I created the collection to honor both the prickliness and the armor that survivors often develop to feel safe in our world, and to honor the path towards hope and healing.

Thistle and Thorn

by Karen Cralli

Thistle and thorn
Nettle and briar


Through drought and abundance
Reaching skyward as you root

Only fools fail to admire
The wisdom of your armor

You survived
O, dauntless, guarded beauty
Now thrive