Introducing Three Oaks Road

Introducing Three Oaks Road

The Three Oaks Road Collection is a celebration of friendship and the peace we find in the company of our most beloved friends. Each polish from the collection is named after a line of my poem, Three Oaks Road. It is dedicated to my best friend Margaret and inspired by our walks through the streets and prairies of our hometown.

I have been blessed to know and love Margaret for twenty-five years. She is a deeply humble and doggedly determined idealist who has dedicated both her personal and her professional life to serving her community. She is a woman of boundless curiosity and numerous passions. She is always seeking to better herself, to learn something new, to understand those whose lived experiences vary greatly from her own.

She is also the most ridiculous and hilarious person I’ve ever met. Wherever we are, if we’re together, we’re laughing.

Margaret has been at my side through the happiest and most harrowing moments of my life. She is truly family.

In our culture’s ageist obsession with youth, we don’t often encounter public celebrations of the beauty of aging. At age 37, I can say that to love someone across decades, to watch them grow and evolve—and to know that your love and compassion for one another will only deepen with every passing year—is truly the most beautiful thing I have experienced. To have friends who see me exactly as I am—a deeply imperfect mess of contradictions and old wounds and new hope—and who love me and accept me as I am has been the greatest blessing of my life.

I love you, Margaret, and I am so proud of you.

Three Oaks Road
By Karen Cralli

I await you, friend
Out on your street
Amid the insects’ lulling serenade

I smile at your footfall
The refuge of your presence

Our laughter carries on a warm wind

The sky above,
Tall grass, enveloping
The sanctuary of our love

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