What's Coming to the Shop in March

What's Coming to the Shop in March

The shop will re-open on Friday, March 15th at 6pm CST.

There will be 31 (yes, 31) polishes available. Don't panic! They will all restock at least once. Here's what's coming: 

I will be launching the Three Oaks Road Collection, a 9-piece collection inspired by one of my best friends, Margaret, and our walks through the prairies of our hometown. 

The polishes that I gave away to the first 20 customers of the Thistle and Thorn Collection will be returning to the shop for purchase. Together, they form the 10-piece In the Weeds Collection, inspired by my many gardening disasters and my battles with invasive species plants. 

There will also be overpours of the Thistle and Thorn Collection. I will have 40-50 bottles of all 12 shades available. 

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